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We’re a family owned beer, wine, and convenience store in downtown Frederick.

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Monday: 8am – 9pm
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Fresh Handmade Sandwiches in Frederick, MD

Our Specialties



Beer & Wine

Our Popular Items

Check out some of our top sandwiches, subs, and snacks below.  Stay tuned for more upcoming and exciting menu items!

  • Toniq's Atomic Turkey Jerk
    Toniq's Atomic Turkey Jerk

    Hickory smoked turkey breast, bacon, melted Swiss, Toniq's special "Spicy Red" sauce on a toasted roll, topped off with crispy onions and a drizzle of sweet Caribbean jerk sauce.

  • Toniq's Iconic Beef N' Cheddar
    Toniq's Iconic Beef N' Cheddar

    Hot roast beef, melted cheddar and Toniq's "Tangy Gold" sauce on a toasted roll, topped with white onion, crispy onion, and a honey mustard drizzle.

  • American Hambone
    American Hambone

    Thinly sliced American ham, melted American cheese, mayonnaise on a hoagie, topped off with pickle chips, crispy onion and a honey mustard drizzle.

  • American Club BLT
    American Club BLT

    Hot, crispy, crunchy bacon; thinly sliced ripe and fresh tomato; chilled lettuce, mayonnaise, and toasted until golden-brown bread.

Toniq - Frederick, MD Reviews

What Our Guests Say

The owners are the kindest people, and the store is a regular stop for us for snacks, sandwiches, pantry staples, and beer/wines – especially local ones! Chandra always has a treat for our dog when we go in as well – the best!

Emma W.

“What a helpful little store! Extremely clean and bright, and we were treated with kindness. We had sandwiches from the deli, and we then went back later to pick up oat milk and fancy ice cream sandwiches!”

Jennifer S.

“We love Toniq!! Its the perfect convenience store that downtown needs! The grocery section has a lot of gems from compass coffee to vegan desserts. The staff of Toniq is beyond friendly!”

Whitney T.

“Toniq is the perfect neighborhood store! Located downtown, Toniq offers a great selection of grocery and deli options all within easy walking distance. The owner and staff at Toniq are very welcoming; their excellent customer service makes shopping at Toniq a great experience. I am so appreciative we have Toniq; a friendly, neighborhood convenience store all within walking distance downtown!”

Beach F.
About Us

We Are a Family - Owned and Operated Beer, Wine & Convenience Store.

Located in Downtown Frederick, Toniq aims to bring the city amazing selections of beer & wine in a convenient location.